Your Online Survey Solution
The Benefits of Online Surveys

Surveys in general benefit you in two ways:
They inform you of customer opinions
They increase customer awareness of your products and services

Online Surveys Benefits to Your Clients
Easier and faster to fill out

Online Surveys Benefits to You
Easier and faster for client to fill out
Better response percentage
Immediate results
No worries of clients having to receive and open attachments
No worries of clients needing to “reply” or “save” to return completed survey
Clients don’t have to download any software
No worries of clients not having the right word processing software
No client program version conflicts
No more email attachment malfunctions
No more email restriction problems due to file size
No miscalculation of results
No illegible answers
No spoiled questions (double answer selection etc.)
No missed pages or questions
Reduced employee time for data compiling (3+ hours to enter data into an excel spreadsheet for 30 – 15 question surveys)
Reduced mailing costs
Reduced printing costs
More professional and technical
Leads your client back to your homepage (or wherever you want)
Can link to your survey from your homepage for continual input
Shows you’re on the leading edge

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