Your Online Survey Solution





Users/Accounts & Security

Corporate level administrators with varying security permissions


Separate survey level security permissions (ie. results are blocked from viewing by non-authorized employees)


Multiple concurrent users

Display complete survey information including survey owner

Designate any survey as "Certified Anonymous" to protect the privacy of your respondents and still have the ability to track their participation


Survey availability (note: annual surveys and accounts are available)

60 days

90 days

Unlimited Surveys on all annual accounts


Presentation & Customization

Customize your survey and results report with your own colors preferences

Use your own logos

2 logos

4 logos

Various survey types (online, interview, poll, petition)


Results in real time and 24/7

Result report displayed in bar chart format

Choose how to display your results (showing number of responses, percentage and sort order of the responses)

Choose to share your results with your respondents (public or private)

Advanced Filtering System to provide more detailed examination of responses. Create multiple reports including:

  • view all results filtered by one specific answer
  • enter respondent identifying data to your list and filter based on it
  • view the responses of one particular person
  • filter by response date



On screen "print ready" option and MS Word friendly reports

Download your results immediately directly into Excel format


Survey Creation

Bold any headers or questions

Free form questions & answers for unlimited variations

No limits on number of questions in a survey

Unlimited possible answers for on multiple choice questions

Responses can be displayed either vertical or horizontal

Choose to number your questions, or not

Use multiple pages to display your survey

Foreign language support

Branching and skipping based on specific responses
Email alerts based on specific responses
Login and Save/Return available for long or complicated surveys

Survey Editing

Saving your survey is automatic

Move, delete and add questions

Display survey questions or not

Display questions with responses or not (survey instructions)

Add or delete questions at any time

Ability to lock and unlock survey design anytime


Test your survey before you launch (ability to make changes and modifications before you send to your respondents)

Clear test data


Survey Promotion

Provide formal titles and assign unique "Identifiers" to each respondent

Upload client information for easy invitation lists

Send personalized invitation emails

Send personalize reminder emails to only those who haven't responded

Customized survey link placement in your letters

Display complete respondent list for each survey

Design custom optional "Introduction Page"

Design custom optional "Thank You Page" with various results/link options



Page specific help lists, survey creation tips and helpful instruction throughout the site

Email Support

Telephone support  
Email support is designed to be a true multi-user, corporate survey tool.

This is shown in our attention to security and account access features.

Our advanced filtering and reporting system allows a much more comprehensive analysis than most competitive systems.

Email alerts allow you to respond to customer satisfaction/dissatisfaction immediately

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