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Free Survey
All the Standard Survey features but limited to 20 responses and 30 days of storage.

If you receive more responses, they will be stored with the survey should you wish to upgrade your account. Unless you have an annual account, all surveys begin this way and you can upgrade to any of our products as required.

Standard Survey
Free-form questions and answers allowing for unlimited variations
Template questions for ease of creation
Up to 1,000 responses (contact us for larger requirements)
Enter respondent information and send personalized Invitation letters
Design your own "Introduction Page"
Design your own "Thank you Page" and link back to your homepage, or anywhere
Customize your survey with your web site colors
Include your logo on the intro page, survey and thank you page
Add or delete questions at any time
Result report displayed in bar chart format
All responses passworded for security
Include additional information to go along with your chart results showing number of responses and percentage
Survey results available in Real Time and 24/7
One year of survey storage time
Pro Survey
All the Standard Survey features PLUS
Filters to provide more detailed examination of responses

- view all answers from one specific response
- view the responses of one particular person
- enter identifying data to your list and filter based on it

Branching or skipping

- skip to a different page based on the response to a question. For instance go to page 2 if male, page 3 if female

Response Alerts

- have an alert emailed to a specific person for a given answer. For instance, if your service level was rated as Poor, email an alert to a customer service representative for immediate followup.

Login/Save & return

- surveys can require a login from  your respondents which will allow them to leave the survey and return to it at a future time. Used primarily for longer surveys that may be interupted.

Designate Survey Administrators with different access levels
 - for instance, allow some people to view the results but not edit the survey
Upgrade a Standard Survey for $50

Annual Account - Pro Surveys only
Unlimited surveys
Up to 15,000 responses
Create templates to store your favorite surveys to re-use
Copy survey questions, designs, respondent lists to new surveys
Use any of up to four logos on your surveys
Upload your MS Outlook email list (other lists will work too)
Designate Survey Administrators with different access levels
   - for instance, allow some people to view the results but not edit the survey
Filters to provide more detailed examination of responses
Responses can be filtered to the individual level
Download the results for further manipulation in Excel or other software
Consultants or Resellers

Add your expertise and consulting to the survey results
Set up and administer multiple corporate accounts
Use your Brand Name or brand the surveys as your clients
All the Standard and SurveyPro features are available
A listing on our Partners page will bring valuable contacts
Ask us about our free trial and our preferred pricing for Consultants who offer their clients value-added research services.

Non-profit organizations
Contact for pricing

Ask us about our preferred pricing for Not-For-Profit organizations.


Have us do all the work for you!
Additional responses (over your basic amounts)
$50.00 per 1000 responses
Single Question Pro Poll
Yearly $99.00

Have a poll question on your homepage or
as a link from your web site
log into our web site to view your results any time
rotate multiple questions at your discretion
renew annually

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